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One Piece Cups

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Elevate Your One Piece Experience: The Ultimate Pirate Cups Collection


Unlock the Power of Pirate-Inspired Hydration

Transform your daily beverage ritual into an epic adventure with our exclusive Handcrafted Pirate Cups. These aren't just cups; they're portals to the Grand Line, right in your kitchen





Limited Edition Treasures

Each cup is a unique masterpiece, as rare as the One Piece itself. With vibrant, enduring designs, these cups are destined to become the crown jewels of your collection.






Legendary Character Essence

Harness the spirit of your favorite heroes with cups featuring the iconic headgear of Luffy, Ace, Sabo, and Chopper. It's like having the Straw Hat crew at your table every day.




Versatility Worthy of a Pirate King

Whether you're sipping hot coffee at dawn or enjoying a cold drink after a hard day's adventure, these cups adapt to your needs. They're not just drinkware; they're conversation starters and shelf showstoppers 

The Ultimate Nakama Gift

Searching for the perfect treasure for a fellow One Piece enthusiast? Look no further. This set will make you the MVP of gift-giving, whether it's for a casual fan or a hardcore collector

Don't Miss Your Chance to Set Sail

These cups are flying off the shelves faster than the Going Merry on a tailwind. Secure your set now before they vanish like the ancient weapons of One Piece lore.


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Walk the Plank

We're so confident you'll love these cups, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase – no questions asked.


Claim Your Pirate Legacy Now

Click "Add to Cart" to begin your journey with the most sought-after One Piece merchandise in the New World. Your adventure awaits – don't let it sail away!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Adorable mug

This mug is perfect for any One Piece fan. It can be used as a coffee mug but if you're into collecting things you could display it instead. It comes with a plate and a mug which for the style I chose makes it look like a hat when you put the mug on top of the plate.

Austin Wade McKay
Great Anime Decor

I don't like to use stuff like this I just want it around the house to look nice. Overall came very well protected and was easy to get out of box and "assemble". It seems to be rather sturdy, and the colors are very vibrant. Easily recognizable for the anime from which it hails, and I don't have any design flaws that stood out to me. I was really happy to find this, and it looks great on my shelf. Great idea and Product!

Love it!

Bought it for a gift, quality was pretty good.

This is the One Piece

I chose this to add to my vast collection of mugs, each one unique, no two alike. All four of these are definitely unique. I selected Ace because I like oranges, otherwise I probably would have selected Luffy as he’s a favorite of mine, but I’ll get “Straw Hat” later.I don’t add a cup to my collection that does not have the quality to be a daily user and this mug is certainly that. It is well made and solid, heavy enough to hint at durability. The cup is on a set of shelves devoted to animated characters and makes quite a splash. (That is not a pun! This is about characters, not location.) Humph.

Mr. Smith
Great for one piece fans

This is the cutest coffee cup. If you are a fan of one piece at all, then you know who Luffy is. this is his iconic hat only in a coffee cup. The cup itself is ceramic. And the bottom of his hat, the brim, is actually a little saucer that the cup sits on. I did not know that this was going to be an appealing factor to my husband, but I just learned that he really likes his coffee cups stored upside down. And so this is perfect because it doesn’t look like Luffy’s hat less you store upside down. So he is absolutely thrilled. The cup itself is washer, safe. It is a normal ceramic coffee cup. The sizing is typical coffee mug size. I highly recommend if you’re a fan of the anime.