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Bubble Humidifier

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When there hasn’t been rainfall for several weeks, the air in our homes can become incredibly dry. Our Bubble Humidifier helps ensure that the air you breathe has the right amount of moisture to keep your lungs and skin happy.


Our room humidifier is sleek, stylish, and comes with a transparent display for you to watch the water work its magic. For increased convenience, we’ve crafted our room humidifier with two water-adding methods, as well as an anti-slip matt to keep it firm and stable.

 With a sleep mode function to keep the atmosphere soft and light during slumber, the only regret you’ll have is not purchasing our Bubble Humidifier sooner.


Add It To Any Room For Instant Benefits: The Bubble Humidifer doesn't just look cool. It also purifies the air! Using a humidifier is proven to drastically improve air quality. Not only will your room smell amazing, It will feel amazing too!


Use Any Fragrance Of Your Choice: Apply a few drops or sprays of your favorite fragrance, cologne, or perfume to the water and enjoy the smell of the beautiful aroma your Bubble Humidifer has created. Cover those bad odors and purify the air around you! 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ingall Mari
Innovative design

The beautiful thing about this Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has its excellent design. I have never seen the same one before. I have used several other humidifiers before. However, they were all traditional humidifiers with big water tanks. I like this one for several reasons compared to the previous humidifiers: a. it has a cool design as water droplets go against gravity and attract kids' attention, b. it is relatively small in size; thus, it doesn't take up much space on your furniture, c. it has a small water tank that water humidifies for a night. There is no excess water left in the tank, and it smells terrible later; d. it is easy to use. I love this!

I am so happy I purchased this humidifier

Love Love Love it! I live in Southern California and just looking for a white humidifier for my living space. This humidifier matches perfectly with my living room. Not only the color but it also can be a beautiful decoration! So far it works very well, improved the air humidity and very quiet! It also has night lights function. I am happy I have it!

Angela Yan
Water Feature and Humidifier Hybrid

Great invention.

Lucy Chang
Cool and beautiful humidifier

My cats love playing with it.

Anti-gravity drops. Quite working. Fresh Air.

Good quality. Love Anti - gravity drops. Looks very unusual than another one. Working quite, very important when you are sleep. Air fresh. Good for plants.