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DIY 3D Wooden Book Nooks

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Introducing the DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Miniature House Book Nook Collection, featuring five captivating designs: Sakura Densya, Magic Pharmacist, Magic House, Sunshine Town, and Time Travel. Each kit transports you to a different world, where you can immerse yourself in the streets of Tokyo during spring, a mystical apothecary shop, a charming cottage surrounded by mystical creatures, a sunny, picturesque town, and a steampunk-inspired time machine.

Sakura Densya Book Nook:

Take a ride on a Japanese train and enjoy the streets of Tokyo in spring. This book nook showcases a tremendously beautiful scene of Tokyo streets during spring, complete with trams passing slowly, cats on the window of a bookstore, and cherry blossoms falling in the wind. The warm lights inside the bookstore create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Magic Pharmacist Book Nook:

Step into a magical world with the Magic Pharmacist Book Nook. This kit features a charming wizard mixing potions and casting spells, surrounded by mysterious ingredients and spell books. The warm lights inside the shop create a cozy and enchanting atmosphere.

Magic House Book Nook:

Discover the magic of your own home with the Magic House Book Nook. This kit showcases a charming cottage surrounded by mystical creatures and enchanted gardens. The warm lights inside the house create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Sunshine Town Book Nook:

Take a trip to a sunny, picturesque town with the Sunshine Town Book Nook. This kit showcases a charming street scene complete with a sunny sky, green trees, and a quaint bookstore. The warm lights inside the bookstore create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Time Travel Book Nook:

Travel back in time with the Time Travel Book Nook. This kit showcases a steampunk-inspired time machine surrounded by gears, cogs, and mechanical gadgets. The warm lights inside the machine create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Each book nook is a perfect hands-on gift for kids & adults and will look amazing on any bookshelf or room space. These DIY kits are made of high-quality materials, including one-millimeter cardboard, two-millimeter wood board, and translucent PE sheet paper, to bring the intricate designs to life. Get ready to immerse yourself in these fascinating worlds with the DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Miniature House Book Nook Collection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Graeme Stokes
Book Nook DIY

As always well presented and gift appreciated

Nyytmaris Stormchaser
Very fun!

I enjoyed building this alot. I have a full video clip that is a bit big for Celestialia.. I put it on YouTube. It's labeled: "RoWood: Time Travel Book Nook Kit". It's a full start to finish, photo and video mix.I think this is a great wooden puzzle if you have the patience to do it. I got it complete on my day off in about 7-8 hours. I did take my time. I also used my favorite 3-in-1 glue from my local craft store, just where I needed to.This was made as a gift for my grandmother and she loved it. She shows everyone. Lol.I do hope to do more of these in the future.

Hinsley Amy
Beautiful DIY diorama!

This was a really relaxing activity for a person like me who enjoys assembling IKEA furniture. The instructions were clear, the parts well made, and it's very pretty all put together. The only part I stumbled on was the wiring. Had to do it two times to get the wires wound tight enough. I recommend using tweezers.I used gel super glue for assembly and a hobby knife. I found that trimming the tabs of the parts from the B sheet helped a lot. They were a bit too big for the slots they were supposed to fit into.

Just passing through
Best stress relief product ever!

Had so much fun working on this and I've already ordered another!

Perfect gift

Can't go wrong with this being a fun crafting gift! My brother enjoys puzzles, Legos , and books so this was perfect. The box came with everything needed and came with very clear instructions. My brother described it beinbeginner friendly and that really anyone could enjoy making one. The best advice is for you to take your time and foollow the instructions . you will really create exactly what you purchaseed!!