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Rain Cloud Humidifer

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Recreate the Soothing Rains of Nature


Feel the stress wash away with each soothing raindrop. Our ingeniously designed Rain Cloud Humidifier utilizes patented sonic technology to mimic mother nature right in your home or office. This compact personal thunderstorm recreates the authentic sights and sounds of real rainfall without any of the wetness or gloom.

Authentic Raindrop Sounds for Relaxation



The uniquely styled raincloud humidifier fills your space with the peaceful pitter-patter of waterdrops. It's sonically engineered to generate natural, clean rain sounds free of disruptive white noise that can aid relaxation, sleep and focus.


Up to 48 Hours of Rain from One Charge



The generous 400ml tank can run up to an incredible 48 hours on a single USB charge. That means you can fill it with water and add your favorite essential oils to diffuse their aromas for up to two days. The convenient rechargeable battery ensures your rainy escape is always within reach.


Customizable Mood Lighting


Cycle through 7 different LED light colors to customize your space with soft, mood-enhancing ambient lighting. From bright and energizing to calm and sleepy, bathe your room in just the right hue. The gentle glow is ideal for restful sleep and can even be used as a nightlight.


Bring the Outdoors In


Whether you want to combat dry and stale indoor air or need to drown out disruptive noises, the Rain Cloud Humidifier brings the sights, sounds and moisturizing mist of nature's rainfall wherever you need a tranquil oasis. Relax, breathe deep, and let the storm clouds roll in.


Harness Nature's Relaxation Powers


This ingeniously engineered thunderstorm in a box lets you harness nature's relaxation and focus-enhancing powers using only water and power. Bring the outdoors home and let the raindrops fall where they may. Your own personal storm awaits.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
joshua mcewen
So calming !!!

I love this thing!! The lights are so pretty, and the rain sound is really calming. It ran for a long time and just really made the atmosphere in our home so nice. Plus it came with tools to thoroughly clean the humidifier, and a waterproof mat to put under it, since it really does it's job and creates some condensation! So glad I bought it and probably will buy another.

Ashley Moore
Perfect for Meditation

To help combat my seasonal allergies, I bought this humidifier and it's made a huge difference! Breathing the hydrated air has really helped reduce congestion and sinus irritation. Plus, the rain sounds help me relax at night.

Jessica Davis
Reduces Allergy Symptoms

As someone who struggles with allergies and congestion, this humidifier has been life-changing! The rainfall noise it makes is so realistic and helps me fall asleep quickly. I wake up feeling refreshed. It's really improved my dry air issues. Recommend!

Emily Wilson
Enhances Bedtime Routine

My insomnia has improved drastically since I started using this rain cloud humidifier in my bedroom. The soothing rainfall noise it makes helps relax my mind and I can fall asleep much faster. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a calming white noise solution.

James Harris
Skin Looks More Refreshed

I struggle with anxiety and racing thoughts before bed - this rain cloud humidifier has become my new nightly routine. The serene sounds of rainfall help quiet my mind so I can unwind and sleep peacefully. Highly recommend for relaxation.