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Tree Of Life - Plant Terrarium

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"I can't say enough great things about the Tree of Life terrarium. From the exquisite packaging to the easy assembly to the final stunning result - this mini oasis makes my living room vibrant and peaceful. Friends literally gasp at how gorgeous it is. I'm so glad I invested in this source of daily joy."

  • Miranda K., Seattle WA ★★★★★



* Artificial plants are provided along with live seeds that can be planted. 



Introducing the Tree of Life - A Masterpiece of Nature's Artistry 


 Possessing an alluring radiance reminiscent of a Botticelli painting, the Tree of Life envelops your living space in the warm grandeur of the natural world. Expertly handcrafted by our master artisans, each Tree features a gorgeous landscape filled with premium artificial moss, polished synethetic plants, and lifelike synthetic foliage. For those who wish for living greenery, the plants can also be swapped for real ones.



More than a mere decorative accent, the Tree of Life infuses your abode with the restorative energy of Mother Nature herself. As an active air purification system, it gently cleanses the atmosphere of toxins and impurities, filling your lungs with pristine freshness. Its tranquil presence also washes away stress, inviting a Zen-like serenity to flow through mind and body.



But beyond wellness and decoration, the Tree of Life is a celebration of life's pageantry and nature's poetry. Let its quiet magnificence transport you to shimmering forests and babbling brooks, connecting you to the eternal dance of creation.



For those who seek not just products, but experiences that nourish the soul, the Tree of Life is a work of art to be lived.


Product Details:

  • 16” x 20” hand-blown glass terrarium
  • Premium Artifical Moss
  • Polished Synthetic Plants
  • Lifelike synthetic foliage
  • Integrated full-spectrum grow light lamp
  • Filters over 90% of UV/Infrared rays
  • Live plants can be swapped in (only seeds are included due to shipping restrictions)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jennifer Templin
Broken and fake

Can't even use was shattered, no seeds provided...waste of money and time spent waiting for it. Very disappointed.

Lisa Williams
Relaxing During Chemo Treatments

The Tree of Life terrarium has become my happy place during my chemotherapy treatments. Caring for it makes me feel relaxed and gives me a sense of normalcy.

Joseph Thompson
Self-Sustaining Terrarium Landscape

Im amazed at how lush and vibrant the plants inside my Tree of Life have stayed. Following the care instructions, it really does maintain itself as a self-sustaining landscape.

Donald Evans
Inspiring Home Office Decor

I work from home and having this mini oasis of life on my desk helps me stay focused and upbeat. It's a beautiful source of inspiration that sparks my creativity.

Sarah Rodriguez
Helps Plants Grow Well

I swear this terrarium makes my plants thrive more than anywhere else. It lets me create a perfectly controlled micro-climate for my ferns and orchids to grow happily!